Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 2: Band "Eucalypt" in Terengganu

LOL, I'm sorry for not writing soon. I've been lazy and pretty busy lately :P

So, speaking of this, let me just continue from where I've stop.
I don't really have much picture during our trip to Terengganu. I didn't take much picture here but I think I still have a few. Most of the picture we took basically from Kamal's camera, film camera.

Haha okay, stop talking and let me just continue my story.

So, yeah we start our journey from K.L to Terengganu like about 3-4 a.m.
The band sat on the van and me and bandmates rent a car. Kwan drove the godamn car, and he is a pretty well in driving I must say. I cant tell much about the trip, as you know I slept through the trip :/ I was dumb but unfortunetely my eyes are like half close :(

So yeah here, where we stopped and enjoy a little.

Basically, these are the few shots while we are like 3 hours away from Terengganu.
LOL, the funny thing is when we were like walking around at the beach, Kamal was holding on to my phone and tried to record stuff. And while I was walking around, splashing some water walk back and I saw Alex on the big stone. The hilarious part was, Alex were spreading his arms out thinking he could get some fresh air, and suddenly there's a big wave coming towards him. He was like "SHIT!" and he tried to get down from the stone but unfortunately that big wave was way too fast and he knew he couldn't make it so he stopped and the wave gave him a "good morning" SPLASH! and i laughed till i fucking cry.

So, we hang out like probably half and hour so in each places. It was amazing and it was breath taking. Speaking of this places, I kinda miss it. I want to go there again someday.

Yeah, and so we reached at Kuala Terengganu like probably in the noon. We slept in a beautiful house over there. It was so cool amazing. They have computers and such.
We unpack shits and we slept and we slept like only for 3 hours before the godamn show.

Dude, 3 hours sleep pissed me off :/ but anyhow, we were all late for the show. LOL
Everyone slept as we are all tired and shit. Woke up after that 3 hours (some random man woke us up) and we were all getting ready and all. Shit, we have like 2 bathrooms and we were rushing to go shower. Hahaha everything went, MESS.

After we are ready and all, we drove to the event.

LIKE OH MY FUCKING GOD, 60's Studio were pretty packed and HOT. Like really hot. Not even joking. But that place is the shit. There were alot of punkers and such. But honestly, they are all amazing people.

Putting things in the room, and getting ready to play the show.

So M.O.S went first. Play the show and everything went pretty good. Even though I was already sweating like I just got myself out from the pool. After 30 minutes, we were done and next, Eucalypt. So, I went back to the room, tired and panting. Sitting down, relaxing and there were 2 ladies came in and yeah we talked abit. Asking me where are the others, well I don't know. They like to dissapear after shows, like seriously. So, after Eusalypt done performing Kerry and Lawrence came back in the room and we hang a li ttle there.

And out of nowhere people start coming in the room, asking if they could take picture of me and all. Oh shit, with my hair look like CHER and everyone came in and take picture one by one. LOL, honestly I feel like I was a ROCKSTAR (ptttui!) hahahaha. Anyway, it was fun.

When everything finished, we packed our stuff and put it in the cars.

Then again photo session. Haha.

Everything done, photos done, now food time.
Thats what I was thinking about for the past 3 hours.

Mhm, we've been taken to a place where they have nice food. Apparently, I hate it there because the food takes 4878764374674351324 hours to get here. Not even kidding, I was like so hungry that time and cursing until the food served. This are the few shots I took.

(From left): Alex, Kerry

(From left): Awitt, Dennis

Lawrence went missing that night. Hahaha.

After we ate, we go back to the house and chill. Watching movies and making so much noises. LOL. It was fun.

Then, we get out from there like 3 a.m and this time to Penang. Bye Bye Terengannu :(


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