Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yes, I broke up with Kamal. SO stop asking, because its getting annoying.

Fuck you. Stop making assumptions on me. I do whatever fuck I want.
But me and him are still friends, but as in relationship we are done.



Uzair Sawal said...

hey. saw the blog post on your band's myspace. but i don't have a myspace account. so i'm just going to say it here:

please continue making music (either in the same band or all of you in a new band).

i'm still waiting for mom's on strike's next release though.

mun said...

kamal neraka??walamak! but plz make sure mom's on strike x terganggu ok?

ok. not asking. just i would like to invite u to perform in my university. UNITEN.

email- makimuain@yahoo.com

plz inform any or ur sac.