Saturday, January 31, 2009

Speaking of ...

Hi, God it's been ages I didn't write the blog. I've been a lazy and have been drinking too much perhaps.

Right. Apparently, knowing and getting to know new people, new stories, unexpected story, everything I heard and I think everyone is changing. Everyone. Like I've seen friends date a girl for like about 2 years broke and the girl end up with someone in the circle of friends. Like dude, it's really weird. Everything that happened are all in the community or you can see it circle of friends.

Last night, I had this small party. Like omg I drank too much. I was really hyper. And I couldn't sleep. And looking everyone has the company, partners you can call em'. LOL speaking of my baby he actually passed out. HAHA like this is the first time I drank more than he does. HAHAHAHA god, i'm feel so proud.

Since I'm writing here, guess I could just speak with my mind.

Alright, listening to stories and heard some people talking and all is about, RELIGION.
Well, I'm not a racist or whatever fuck you call.
Just that, people make statement about their own religion and try to look down on the others. I guess religion is not for others to choose for you. It's your self, invidual.
To be honest, NONE of you have right to say things about religion about someone and thinking everything you say we need to except it. Well, you can speak what you want and i know I don't even have right to tell you off about this. I myself not that really religious type but somehow I just cant just sit and ignore. The more we ignore the more things get worst.

I trust who I am. I can be queit when I hear people talk shit and thinking they are smartass enought to talk shit about religion. Like seriously, it's ridiculous. HONESTLY, YOU ARE JUST NOT THAT BADASS ENOUGH. Like you don't even PRAY to your God 5 times a day or lets say putting God a first priority everytime. I'm a human, I believe in God and I know what I did, like is it right for me to talk about this?

Speaking it that way, I don't think you've studied enough on this stuff. I mean I don't think the elders even get and studied enough. If they studied enough and found out, WE WOULD BE NOW SERVING THE SAME GOD. People go crazy searching and researching about Christianity or Islam. The answers, the options, are alot!

I don't know if I'm making sense at the moment, cause I'm having an enormous hang over. But this is what I want to talk about.


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Anonymous said...

yeah...people which is too much on their believe of religion keep on putting judgment by their religious believe. damn to them! can you ever think of something in a positive way without those rule and regulation?