Sunday, June 29, 2008


omg its so not fun anymore :( yes, he just got BANNED from Friendster and if I'm not mistaken Facebook too. I mean thats what he told me.

"Ok ya win! now my blog already taken down thanks to ya msian ppl! Ya piece of shit just a small matter wanna complain to friendster. ya wanna take away my freedom too? GO AHEAD! Like i care!

And for wat i wanna see ya face? if i see ya face jasmine, i gonna need a huge bucket to vomit blood seeing ya roadkill face!

Wat huh? ya mad? ya angry? ya wanna take down my friendster page too? GO AHEAD! take down my friendster page take down my facebook like ya take down my Blog. Wat the heck I care! Its just a blog.!

Ya just a jealous piece of shit coz ya blog not getting the attention it deserve"-Faizfaggoty

Oh my, did I heard he said I win? WOW. I'm so proud of myself. LOL.
Awee its pretty sad, that your blog got BANNED. You must have been crying like a baby for hours :( like the way how you take this shit seriously. Just for your information, I don't own a Friendster so I can't be REPORTING your shit to Friendster. I don't take INTERNET shit seriously. I ain't like you, big dumbshit. And why should I be angry? Because of you saying my face make you vomit? Hahahahahhahahhahaha, Its fucking pointless, and do I look like I care? You are the one mad like a BABOON. And hey, YOU yourself create this shit. You start shit you get it, bitch. And seriously why do I need attention for blog? Hahaha, I got everything, and I don't need internet to live. Keep that in mind please. Saying me need attention for blog, but didn't realize that you are the one who posted my link in Hajjar's picture. YOU ARE SO FUCKING DUMB. TOO DUMB till I can't even describe it.

HAHAHAHA whoever BANNED your shit, I fucking salute. This is what you deserve. Next, probably they would BANNED your life too. Oh well, THE GAME NOW ITS OVER.



lol, you are gay.


Anonymous said...

Hey fuck face!
ya the one remove my friendster blog coz ya the one bringing all those unwanted dickheads coming to my blog and diss me off and writing down all those nasty comments about me, so i damn sure one of them would have complaint to friendster!!

Well I got banned. so wat? i can start a new one. Like I care if ya won. ya wanna ban my life too? go ahead I dare ya! i triple dare ya! ya know wat, yesterday i went to this shit place and saw this prostitute who looks like ya, it too bad. ya got a shitty face!

aqim said...

he's 26 yrs old huh?
doesn't seem like one.
hahaha so fani la dis guy.
buat malu kaum2 berkote je.
kudos to u la min!
ai laik.

Jasmine. said...

HAHAHAHAHHA OMG, YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! I thought you are dead, like suicide or something because y our blog got BANNED. :/

dude, if I'm a fuckface, why don't you quit coming here?
and at least I don't look really bad like you do. HAHAHAHA prostitute? WOW, someone actually looked like me?! OMG, wow. Dude, it's fucking rare to find someone that look like me :) Damn, this is so good.

HAHAHAHA whatever you said, I don't care. All you do is sit, and type. I bet you'll pee and shut up when you see us. STOP BEING BRAVE.

You dont even have guts.You are such a pussyy!

BUT its so good that your blog got BANNED. I'm glad. Finally God has spoken.

I love my shitty face and everyday I just stare at myself in the mirror thanking God that I don't have a BIG THICK MOTHERFUCKING LIPS and have holes on my face :)

OH, why don't you post my pictures here. Show and tell me HOW BAD LOOKING I AM :) like the way how I posted your ugly ass motherfucking pictures. DO IT.

bobo cik jah said...

dude even if the pros look like jasmine at least sum1 wants to fuck her..
and not vomit themselves to death went they look at u..
u need to buy a mask to cover up ur fucking face.
wait wait..
i know this 1 clown mask i found at it suits u perfectly..
i`ll even buy it for u.

s said...

buat group la jasmine.
group anti-faiz.
sure gila meletup.

up yours, faiz!

Jasmine. said...


Ay said...

LOL. He's the one who has the fuck face. Didn't he even notice about that? Haha.