Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chapter 1: Photo Album, band "Meaning" from Japan.

Wow, I missed everything happened in the past, 2007. I go through all my photo album 2007 and when I look at it, I got like the big smile.

I had fun with a band from Japan, "Meaning". I missed those days. They were here only for 3 days and I already had so much fun! Watching them performing in MCPA where Hayato got his eye-brow hurt and it bleeds pretty badly. Dude, I remember every moments when they are here. Like Shin (drummer), Kawasan (Guitarist), Jun (Guitarist), Mami (Bassist), Yoshi (Mami's bf), Narko (photographer) and Hayato (Vocal). They went for a tour around Malaysia for about a week before they came to Kuala Lumpur. I met them and I remember most of them have difficulty speaking English except Hayato as he has been to the USA for a year before. But it was so damn cool. They have the urge to learn our language which is Bahasa Melayu (they have actually a note book and wrote everything what we say in Bahasa Melayu) hahaha.

So back to where, and when I met them. I was in Annexe with Kamal, Awitt and I-don't-know whoelse. But at that time, Nazier and Fahmir were driving them here. Mhm, that's where I met them. At first we were like so awkward as they still don't know how to speak English, but yeah then I decided to say "Hi" in Japanese like, "Konichiwaa". And they went nodding their heads and go "Konichiwaa". Hahaha I was like "Whaaa?" and so I knew a little word, Japanese so I said "Ogenkidesuka?" and they went "You know speak Japan?" and I started to laugh. Now this is how I met them. :]

from left: (hayato, junn, narko, kamal)

from left: (hayato, nazier, junn, narko)

Hahaha this are the pictures that I took when I first meet them. Then after during the show in MCPA...

from left: (shin, ME!)

from left: (ME!, shin)

from left: (ME!, hayato)

from left: (ME!, junn)

from left : (ME!, junn)

from left: (ME!, narko)

*Sorry about my goddamn hair, this is what happen when you are stuck in a hell hole.

So yeah those pictures were taken while I was at the show.
After the show we decided to go "makan" at I-don't-remember where. But after that we end up at Nazier's house. So this band actually heading back to Singapore then to Japan. And they decided to take a bus. Since the bus is going to leave like in the noon, to be cautious we all stay awake and they all decided to sleep in the bus as the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore takes longer hours. So, all of them try to stay awake except me :/ I was too tired :[ but anyhow I had fun with them in the night. We chill we talked we get to know each other. And most of them stayed all night, but Kawasan and Narko seems to be passed out, then later Jun. Hahaha but before that we had a video camming session :) LOL we had the fun time with the video stuff. Hahaha, anyway the next day we wash up and they were all SUPER tired. Hahaha here are the pictures :)








Mhm, this was the last day we all hang out and we say goodbye ;( All of us send them to the bus station after we had our breakfast at Melawati and we all had chicken rice. It was good :) and yeah this was the time when Narko cried before she left, it was really touching ;( and I MISSED THEM ALLLLLOOOOTTTTT<3

*Chapter 2 of my album, I'll write it tomorrow. I'm tired, so goodnight :)
* pictures and everything are all copyrighted, steal them, you die.

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